200px-Living in oblivion

"Living in oblivion" is an independent low-budget film by an American director Tom Dicillo. Year - 1995.


In the movie are described misfortunes of the director of the film during one day. A director Nick Rive is making a low-budget independent movie in the centre of New York. The crew are not enough funded and are extremely indifferent.

There's recorded a pretty hard scene: young Elen is reproaching her old mom for when Elen's father was beating her, her mom didn't interfere. While recording, everything, that could go wrong, went wrong: in frame was a microphone; assistant's camera didn't hold the scene in focus; actress, who plays Elen's mom, forgets her role; well, actress who plays Elen becomes more and more careless.


Actor Role
Steve Buscemi Nick Rive
Dermot Mulroney Wolf
Catherine Keener Nichole Springer
James LeGros Chad Palomino
Peter Dinklage Tito
Kevin Corrigan Operator's assistant


Movie became several rewards, including prize for the best script of film festival of independent movies Sundence in 1995 and audience sympathy on film festival in Duville and Lublyan.


Living in oblivian on Internet Movie Database

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