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Ó, ó (o-acute) is a letter from Faroese, Hungarian, Icelandic, Kashubian, Polish, Czech, Slovak and Sorbian alphabets. The letter also exists in Catalan, Irish, Occitan, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese languages as a variety of letter o. Also can be used in English for other reasons.

Usage of the letter in different alphabetsEdit


Ó - 18th letter of Faroese alphabet. Can denote sounds /œ/ and /ɔuː/.


Ó - 19th letter of Icelandic alphabet. Denotes a sound /oṷ/.


Ó - 21th letter of Polish alphabet. Is read same, as U, and samely transmitted in Russian. A difference between them is just historical: through Ó is denoted not primordial sound [u], but relatively recently changed from [o] (in derivation and inflection oftenly alternates with unchanged O: Krakó'w' - 'w' Krakowie', krakowski')

Hungarian, Czech and SlovakEdit

Ó - 25th letter of Hungarian alphabet, 24th letter of Czech alphabet and 28th letter of Slovak alphabet. Denotes a sound /oː/.


Ó - 23rd letter of Kashubian alphabet. Denotes the sound /o/. Also can denote /u/ in Southern dialects.


Ó denotes sound /uʊ/ in Upper Sorbian and /ɛ/ or /ɨ/ in Lower Sorbian.Edit

Spanish, Catalan and PortugueseEdit

Óó is used in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese languages for denoting stressed [o], if the stressed place doesn't accord to default rules. In Catalan language also stresses closed character of sound.

Gaelic and IrishEdit

Ó is widely used in Irish language, also known as Gaelige, where changes the preposition "from". Also used in men surnames, where is borrowed from uaidh, which means "grandson", but not mac, which means "son". When Irish names were translated to English, this Ó, oftenly met in names, either was passed, or went to normal O.


In Vietnamese alphabet letter ó denotes sắc (highly toned) "o".


In Pinyin ó is a yángpíng (阳平, high-rising tone) "o".


Charset --> Unicode ISO 8859-1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16 HTML TeX
Capital ó U+00D3 D3 &Oacute /acute O
Minuscule ó U+00F3 F3 &oacute /acute o

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