Order of lines in character あ

あ in Hiragana and ア in katakana - symbols of Japanese kana, used for writing exactly one mora (unit of longitude of foot). It matches cyrillic "а". In modern Japanese syllabary it is the first letter, after it goes い. 

The originEdit

The character あ appeared within simplified spelling of kanji 安. And ア came from the original kanji.

Orders of lines in character ア

Order of linesEdit

The hirigana character "あ" is written with 3 lines:

1. first, a horizontal line is written left to right

2. then, a vertical line, passing through the middle, is written downwards

3. the last line is written in the bottom part, by parity of reasoning with "".

The katakana character " ア" is written with 2 lines, which are on the picture in the left part of the article.

Codes of the symbols in codingsEdit


あ: U+3042

ア: U+30A2

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