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Abkhazia (Abkhasian - Аҧсны, Georgian - აფხაზეთი, Russian - Абхазия) is a controversial territory and partially recognized state in North-West part of southern slope of Greater Caucasus, on the North-East coast of the Black Sea. Is controlled by the government of The Repubic of Abhkazia (Abkhazian - Аҧсны Аҳәынҭқарра), whose legitimacy is recognized by 4 members of UN. In resolution of UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) Abkhazia is recognized by part of Georgia, according to administrative-territorial division of Georgia, Abkhazia is Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia (Abkhazian - Аҧснытәи Автономтә Республика). Abkhazia is counted as a teritorry of Georgia, occupied by Russia, by USA, Georgia, Europian Union, PACE (Parliamental Assembly of the Council of Europe), OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) and G8 (Group of eight). 

Abkhazia consists of 7 historical regions (that's why there are 7 stars on the flag): Bzypyn, Guma, Samurzakan, Abjua, Dal-Tsabal and Pshu-Aigba. As for October 2012, there is 8 cities and 105 villages in Abkhazia.   



The official website of president of Abkhazia

The official website of Foreign Office of Abkhazia

Official website of Ministry Cabinet of Abkhazia

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