Ahmad Shah Masud
Ahmad Shah Massoud (Dari - احمد شاه مسعود - Ahmad Šāh-e Mas'ūd', 1st September 1953 - 10th September 2001) - Afghan warlord, Minister of Defense of Afghanistan (1992-1996). His nationality is ethnic Tajik. He's also called Panjshir lion (Dari - شیر پنجشیر, Šēr-e Panjšēr). Masoud - nickname (laqab), which means on Arab "happy", he got the nickname in 1975 during the rebellion in Panjshir Valley - first armed performation of Islam opposition in Afghanistan. He's one of the leaders of party of armed Afghan opposition of Jamiat-e Islami

Was bornEdit

  • Was born in kishlak Djangalak - Panjshir Valley to the North from Kabul in a family of colonel of royal police of Dost Mohammed Khan. He's a Tajik by nationality. Studied in Kabul lyceum Esteglal (Persian - استقلال (independence))

Interesting factsEdit

  • After a day of an attempt and on the next day after his death in USA happened September 11 attack.

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