Alba gu bràth - a Scottish Gaelic phrase, which is translated on English "Scotland forever". Used for political slogan for the campaign of Scottish independence. Also used in a rap battle "George Washington vs William Wallace", and, as you probably expected, was pronounced by William Wallace in his first verse:

Look at ya, in your little blousy outfit,

looking like a stiffer white dick,

than your monument.

I'll knock you the fuck out mate

you died owning slaves

I died setting men free

Scot free

that's the Highland way

this powdered prick

couldn't beat me in a foot race

I was emasculated, eviscerated, 

I had my head chopped off

and they put it on a pike

and I still find time to bust a Gaelic rhyme

and rip your yankee doodle arse on the mic

I'll knock your face off your moola,

Alba gu bràth

Gu bràth!




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