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Alosza Awdiejew - Na Mołdawiance

Alosza Awdiejew - Na Mołdawiance

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Aleksey Alekseyevich Awdiejew (Polish - Aleksy "Alosza" Awdiejew), born 18th August 1940 in Stavropol - is a linguist, msuician, actor, singer and a writer, since 1974 lives in Krakow.

In Moscow he ended middle school and music school, became a choirmaster diploma in 1958, then ended a music school, worked in orchestras and choirs in Moscow (1964-1965). In 1964 entered the separation of Romano-Germanic philology in Moscow University, but didn't study up. In 1967 became a scholarship of muscovite radio for training in Jagiellonian University in Krakow. 

Musical activityEdit

In the beginning of 1970s Awdiejew met a Krakow cabaret "Piwnica pod Baranami" and began performing as a songwriter. The basis of repertoire are Russian, Soviet songs and romances, works of Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Vysotsky.

In 1977-1980 years performed as a pianist with Krakow jazz collectives "Beale Street Band" and "Playing Family". Awdiejew records disks and is filmed in Polish feature films.

Personal lifeEdit

Since 1998 lives in his own house in Krakow. Is married for third time on a psychologist Katajina Slenchek. Children: Igor (1989) and Pavel (1991).


Aleksey Alekseewich Awdiejew

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