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Ambato Ecuador Travelogue

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Ambato (Spanish - Ambato) - a city in Ecuador, administrative center of Tungurahua province. Population - around 354 000 people, which makes the city ninth by population in Ecuador.


On its today place Ambato was founded 8th December 1698. During its history, the city was crushed by earthquakes several times, last time it happened 5th August 1949. 

Geography and climateEdit

Located in central part of the country, on the coast of river Ambato, on height 2577 m above sea level. The city lies in a deep valley Central Cordillera of Andes. Ambato has a good view on many volcanoes' snow caps: Cotopaxi, Tungurahua, and mountain Chimborazo. 

Climate in Ambato is pretty warm, despite the alpine position. Average annual temperatures are 13-15°C, the warmest months - November and December.


The basics of economics is production of vehicle bodies and leather-processing industry. Also has been developed production of textile, foodstuffs, footwear. Annually in the city is made Festival of fruit and vegetables in memoriam of earthquake, which crushed Ambato in 1949.


Ambato is located on Pan-American Highway.

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