Angry Birds Indiana Jones is a possible Angry Birds game based on the Indiana Jones movies.

Birds Edit

Red as Indiana Jones

The Blues as Mutt Williams/Slave Children

Chuck as Marcus Brody/Chattar Lal/Villagers

Bomb as Sallah/Satipo/Diggers

Terence as Henry Jones Sr./Grail Knight

Stella as Willie Scott

Matilda as Marion Ravenwood

Hal as Jock/Harold Oxley/Village Elder

Bubbles as Short Round

Mighty Eagle as The Ark of the Covenant's Wrath

Gale as Elsa Schneider

Chuck-Bomb as Captain Katanga/Wu Han/Captain Blumburtt

Luca as Maharajah Zalim Singh/Herman Mueller

Non-Birds Edit

Eddie as Kazim

Minion Bats as Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword

Pigs Edit

Minion Pigs as Hovitos/Nepalese/Cairo Swordsmen/German Soldiers/Gangsters/Thuggees/Grave Robbers/Soviet Soldiers/Ugha Warriors

Corporal pig as Major Arnold Toht/Colonel Dietrich/Colonel Vogel/Colonel Dovchenko

Foreman Pig as German Mechanic/Mac

Small Pig as Maharajah Zalim Singh (under the curse of Kali)

Medium Pig as Rene Belloq/Lao Che/Kao Kan/Chen/Indiana Jones (under the curse of Kali)/Chattar Lal (under the curse of Kali)/Fedora/Walter Donovan

Large Pig as Thuggee Chief Guard/Slave Thuggee Overseer/Enemy Boxer

King Pig as Mola Ram

Female Pig as Irina Spalko

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