Binary, also called Base 2, is a number system using only the digits 0 and 1. Most electronics use this system as a value of 0 can be represented by no electricity and a value of 1 can be represented by electricity.

Place Values up to 10Edit

The digits (eg. 10s digit) correspond to decimal, base 10, for easier interpretation.

  • 1s digit = 1
  • 10s digit = 2
  • 100s digit = 4
  • 1000s digit = 8
  • 10000s digit = 16
  • 100000s digit = 32
  • 1000000s digit = 64
  • 10000000s digit = 128
  • 100000000s digit = 256
  • 1000000000s digit = 512

Binary finger countingEdit

Using a raised finger for a value of 1 and a lowered finger for a value of 0, Binary may be used to count up to the number 1023. Base 3 can be used to count up to approximately 59,000, but this is much harder to do as separate values for 1 and 2 must be shown.

Just remember not to use binary to count 4 or 128!

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