Bloom County was a comic strip that ran from 1980 to 1989. It was created by Berkeley Breathed, who also created The Academia Waltz and Bloom County 2015.

About Edit

The strip talked about politics and current events with characters like Opus (a penguin) and Bill (a cat.) The strip also used funny analogies.

Berkeley Breathed's first comic was The Academia Waltz, which was first published in The Daily Texan in 1978. It attracted attention from the editors of The Washington Post, who asked him to make a nationally syndicated comic. Bloom County first appeared on December 8, 1980, and had some of the same characters from The Academia Waltz like former frat boy Steve Dallas and disabled Vietnam War veteran Cutter John.

In 1987, the strip won Breathed the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. It was syndicated in over 1,200 newspapers around the world, before it was cancelled in 1989. Berkeley stated "A good comic is no better than a ripe melon. The ugly truth is that in most cases, comics age less gracefully than their creators." Even though the strip ended, Breathed did a spin-off called Outland in the 1990s and another called Opus in the early 2000s. He also revived the strip in 2015, calling it Bloom County 2015.

Notes Edit

Several cultural references were made in the strip. An example would be in a 1983 storyline when a character named Binkley dreams that he's Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi.

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