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Bolivia (from Spanish "Bolivia",' from Quechua "Buliwya", from Aymara "Wuliwiya", from Guarani "Volivia"), official name - Plurinational State of Bolivia (Spanish - Estado Plurnacional de Bolivia) - a country in central part of South America.

Bolivia borders with Brazil on North and North-East, with Paraguay on South-East, with Argentina on South, with Chile and Peru on South-West and West. Doesn't have an access to the sea, but in 2010 subscribed a conract with Peru about a 99-year lease of a small riparian site for building of a port.


1532-1538 - the territory of modern Bolivia is conquered by Spanish conquistadors, headed by Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro.

1542-1576 - Bolivia is composed of Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru, named Great Peru (or somehow like this :p). The territory of Bolivia is divised between Spanish landowners. Indians are included in system of encomienda. 

XVI-XVII centuries - Bolivian city Potosi is composed of Royal Audience Charkas was one of the biggest of the cities of Old and New World by population (160 000 people) and biggest industrial centre (in times of development of silver mines). 

1776-1810 - composed of Spanish Viceroyalty Rio de la Plata.

And a lot mor history...I was just too lazy to write it all :p

Administrative divisionEdit

In territorially-administrative relationship Bolivia is divised onto 9 departments, every of which, in turn, is divised onto provinces.


The population number - 10,5 mln (2013)

Average life expectancy - 64 years (men) and 70 years (women)

Ethno-racial composition - Indians 55% (mostly Quechua and Aymara), Métis 30% and white 15%

Languages - 27 official languages (1st place in the world by quantity): Spanish 60,7%, Quechua 21,2%, Aymara 14,6%, other languages 3,6%.

Religions - Catholics 59%, Protestants 11%, Atheists 12%, Incanism 15%, Buddhism and others 3%.


Photos, culture, textal art and dances of Bolivia

Constitution of Bolivia (2009)

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