Calligonum of Paletsky; also kandim of Paletsky (Latin Calligonum paletzkianum) - a species of dicotyledon of genus Calligonum of stirpes Polygonaceae.

Was firstly described by a Russian botanist Dmitry Litvinov in 1913. In some sources the plant is described as a hybrid (Calligonum '× paletzkianumCalligonum rubescens and Calligonum setosum.

Propagation, descriptionEdit

You can find it at the border of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

It's a deciduous shrub with an opposite phyllotaxy. The leaves are simple or inconspisuous, are placed along the length of the stem. Flowers with actinomorphic perianth, have 5 petals. Fetus - nut.


Is in Red Book of Uzbekistan. It's "vulnerable".

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