Chacha (Georgian ჭაჭა) is a Georgian strong alcoholic drink, related to class of grape brandies. Analogues of chacha are Italian grappa, South Slavic rakia, South American pisco. 

Продавец демонстрирует бутилированную чачу

A saleswoman demonstrates chacha in a bottle

Chacha in life of famous peopleEdit

According to the memoirs of Andrei Gromyko, on the Yalta Conference Stalin gave chacha to Churchill and Roosevelt, to whom chacha was unknown. Stalin said "Это, по-моему, лучшая из всех видов водки. Правда, я сам её не пью. Предпочитаю лёгкие сухие вина". Translation: "This, in my opinion, is the best of all kinds of vodka. But, I don't drink it for myself. I prefer light dry wines.". 

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