Isaac Newton (physicist), Albert Einstein (physicist) , Michio Kaku (theoretical physicist).

Basic InformationEdit

full name date of birth place of birth
Isaac Newton Sir Isaac Newton 1642 (Julian Calendar) Grantham, Lincolnshire, Great Britain
Albert Einstein Albert Einstein 1879 Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Michio Kaku Michio Kaku 1947 (age:67 years) San Jose, California, United States
date of death place of death
Isaac Newton 1727 (Julian Calendar) (age: 84 years) London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Albert Einstein 1955 (age: 76 years) Princeton, New Jersey, United States


Nobel prize:

year recipient field country of achievement
1921 Albert Einstein physics Switzerland

Physical characteristics:

Height Weight
Albert Einstein 1.75 meters 90 kg

Familial relationships:


Albert Einstein Hermann Einstein Pauline Einstein
Isaac Newton Hannah Ayscough Isaac Newton Sr.


Isaac Newton Hannah Smith Pilkington, Mary Smith, Benjamin Smith
Albert Einstein Maja Einstein


Albert Einstein Mileva Maric (1903-1919), Elsa Einstein (1919-1936)
Michio Kaku Shizue Kaku


Albert Einstein Eduard Einstein Lieserl Einstein Hans Albert Einstein

Scientific contributions:


Isaac Newton binomial theorem, first fundamental theorem of calculus, second fundamental theorem of calculus, Simpson's rule, Newtonian's graph, ...
Alber Einstein Bose-Einstein distribution, Einstein field equations, Einstein functions, Einstein summation, Einstein tensor


Isaac Newton Newton's first law, Newton's law of universal gravitation, Newton's second law, Newton's third law, strong form of Newton's third law, ...
Albert Einstein Brownian motion, Ehrenfest paradox, EPR paradox, photoelectric effect, twin paradox, particle in an external electromagnetic field

Notable inventions:

Isaac Newton reflecting telescope (1668) Newtonian telescope

Notable books:

Isaac Newton Philosophia Naturalis Principiæ Mathematica
Michio Kaku Hyperspace (1994)

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