CrazyMegaHell (real name - Ruslan) is a Russian YouTuber, who makes "Epic Rap Battles of Minecraft", "Epic Rap Battles", music videos or sometimes other videos.

About his videosEdit

"Epic Rap Battles of Minecraft"Edit

In his "Epic Rap Battles of Minecraft" series, he takes Russian Minecraft YouTubers (Vladnext & Stis, Lazuli Gnomes, etc.), or Minecraft characters (Creeper, Enderman, Wolf, etc.), or other (Notch (creator of Minecraft), Santa Claus, who isn't even related to Minecraft, etc.) and makes them rap. It's a parody of a famous YouTube series by Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD, which is called "Epic Rap Battles of History", in which they take historical personalities and make them rap.

"Epic Rap Battles"Edit

In his "Epic Rap Battles", CrazyMegaHell takes video game characters (Deadpool, Sub Zero, Scorpion, etc.) or video games (Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed IV) or even real people (Barrack Obama, Vladimir Putin) and makes them rap, just like in "Epic Rap Battles of Minecraft". For example, there are battles, like:

  • DeadPool vs DeathStroke
  • Barrack Obama vs Vladimir Putin
  • Far Cry vs Assassin's Creed
  • inFamous vs Prototype
  • Crysis vs Pacman

Music videos and clipsEdit

In his music videos, he just sings and plays on guitar, or makes video clips, related with games. He has a music band, called "Midnight Bastards". They have made songs, like "ULTIMATE MINECRAFT SONG", "Russia", and so on.

Other videosEdit

His other videos are: 

  • Who won in Epic Rap Battles or Epic Rap Battles of Minecraft (e.g. "LaGGeR won!" or "Stint won!")
  • Free video games accounts
  • Advertising of new video game platforms, Minecraft servers, etc.
  • Vlogs (Ice Bucket Challenge, Video People, YT GAMER FEST, etc.)
  • "Movie Meme Show"
  • Other (Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, "200 000 subscribers", etc.)

About the channelEdit

Featured channelsEdit

  1. FlackJK
  2. EeOneGuy
  3. Канал Стинта :3
  4. HappyTown | LaGGeRFeeD
  5. Асси



Меня зовут Руслан и я занимаюсь музыкой.На моем канале ты найдешь : клипы,песни,баттлы и многое другое!

Удачи и оставайся с нами ;)


Subscribers - 388,623

Views - 50,326,397

Joining date - 6.01.2012


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