Created by Seizefire Edit

Here are the customary units that are only prevalent in America. This includes measurement, capacity, etc.

Made in March 18, 2016 A.D.

Information for measurement Edit

Conversion Name Acronym
About 2 cm Inches in.
12 in Feet ft.
3 ft Yard yd.
1760 yd, 5280 ft Mile mi.

Information for liquid measurement Edit

Conversion Name Acronym
? Teaspoon tsp.
2 or 3 tsp. Tablespoon Tbsp.
? Ounces oz.
16 oz. Cups c
2 cups Pints pt.
2 pints Quarts qt.
4 quarts Gallons gal.

Information for capacity Edit

Conversion Name Acronym
? Ounces oz.
12 oz. Pounds lb.
2000 lb. Tons T

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