Before the text I would like to say you that I didn't translate for myself, here's a link where I did that:

Now, the battle

Epic Rap Battles of History!

Bill Nye versus Sir Isaac Newton!!


Isaac Newton:

Of aL d scientific minds n history 

dey put Beaker n a bow tie ^ agAnst me? 

I'm a mstr

I discovered gravity

I drop rhymes

lIk dey faL frm an apL trE

you're n match 4 me

U got a bach Dgre

I got a unit of force named aftR me

U wanna battle guy

that's a crAZ notion

wen I stRt flowing I stA n motion

1st law

Did U catch that?

o did it go t% fst 2 detect

pRhaps it'd b BetA

f I added n a bleep o a bloop

o NothA whacky swNd fx

I wz born on xbo

I'm God's gift

I unlocked d **

dat you're dancing w

U waste tym debating creatonists

whIl I cr8 d science

U explain 2 kds.

Bill Nye:

yS it's true

wot I Usd 2 do iz teach kds science 

on my PBS shO

bt nw I do

wot I gota do 2 mAk suR

scientific thawt cn grO

& I'm stil n my prime

hitting my stride

what'd U do

w d bak half of yor Lyf

U freaked out

started counting coins 4 d bank

& U suR didn't hav n Yf

U rOt d buk on gravity

bt U couldn't attract n Bod

yor wrk on orbits wz exemplary

bt yor circL of fRnds wz shoddy

U don't wanna meS

w guy Bill Nye

I rap sharp lIk a needle n yor eye

stiK 2 drinkN dat mercury

'cause I hypothesize

dat you're bout 2 git beat

Isaac Newton:

weL I conclude

dat yor methods R d whackest

U wouldn't evN paS 

n 1 of my classes

evry actN

hz an = & oposit rxn

Xcpt 4 wen we both stRt rapping

I accelerated d mind of mankind

2 a hiR plane of understanding &

I cn calculate d weight

& d size & d shAp

of d shadow of d mind

you're standing n

& I wiL Leav U w a pg

frm buk I rOt

@ half yor age 2 rebut

d integral sec y dy

frm zero 2 one-sixth of pi

iz log 2 bAs e

of d square-root of 3

tImz d sixty-fourth powR of wot

Neil deGrasse Tyson:

Y don't U pik on a brain

yor own size

we got a badass Ovr hEr

plus I got yor bak Nye

astrophysics BWO guy

Hayden Planetary fly

by d way d Ans

2 yor ltl calculation iz "i"

az n I put d swag bak n science

whIl Isaac Newton wz lyN

& sticking daggers n Leibniz

& hiding ^ inside Hs attic

on som Harry Potter Biz

d universe iz infinite

bt DIS battle iz finishD.

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