Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs is a movie that premiered in the June of 2008. In the movie, a tentacle being from another universe seeks to mate with the living beings of Earth. The movie was written by Peter Avanizo and created by Matt Groening. Edit

Cast Edit

Billy West: Phillip J. Fry/ Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth/ Dr. Zoidberg/ Zapp Brannigan/ Richard Nixon's Head/ Leo Wong/ Moon Farmer/ M-5438/ Mr. Kroker/ Judge Ron Whitney/ Carnival Baker/ Superhero/ Land Squid

Katey Sagal: Turanga Leela

John DiMaggio: Bender/ Randy Munchnick/ URL/ Calculon's Manservant/ Funkalistics Lead Singer/ Guard #1

Tress MacNeille: Crazed Fan/ Bender's First Born Son/ Hattie McDoogle/ Linda/ The Grand Midwife/ Pocket Pall/ Thog/ Gladys Lennox/ Suicide Booth/ Monique/ Petunia/ Mrs. Kroker/ Morgan Procter/

Maurice LaMarche: Kiff Kroker/ Calculon/ Morbo/ Schlomo/ SportsBot 5000/ Lrrr/ Destructor/ Horrible Gelatinous Blob/ Hedonismbot/ Fishy Joseph Gillman/ Harold Zoid/ King Kong/ Guard #2

Phil LaMar: Hermes Conrad/ Horse Repair Robot/ Ndulu/ Robot 1-X/ Billionairebot/ Bolt Rollands

Lauren Tom: Amy Wong/ Inez Wong

David Herman: Dr. Ogden Wernstrom/ Plastic Surgeon Robot/ British Robot/ Coffee Enema Robot/ Chu/ Warden Vogel/ Three-Eyed Zebra/ Fatbot/ Giant Medium-Sized Ant. Mayor C. Randall Poopenmeyer/ Pazuz

Dan Castellaneta: The Robot Devil

David Cross: Yivo

Stephen Hawking: Stephen Hawking's Head

Brittany Murphy: Colleen O' Hallahan

Synopsis Edit

The movie picks up where Bender's Big Score left off. The rip in space is revealed to lead to another universe, where a giant octopus-like alien lives. Fry ventures into the other universe, where he is caught by a tentacle. The alien manages to catch all of the living beings except Leela, who is determined not to get caught.


The whole movie can be found on

The movie was rated 3/5 by Common Sense Media, while Den of Geek gave it a 5/5.

Many people like this movie because of the humor.

The movie aired on Comedy Central, were it was divided into parts similar to episodes.

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