Gleb zheglov

Vladimir Vysotsky as Gleb Zheglov, first episode.

Gleb Georgievich (Egorovich in treatment of MCS chauffeur Kopytin, in the book - Kopyrin) Zheglov - one of the main characters of Vayner Brothers novel "Mercy era" (1976) and of a movie, called "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed" (1979), based on the novel. Gleb Zheglov is an operative worker of MCS (Moscow Criminal Search), head of Department of Anti-Banditry; the action takes place in November 1945.

The episode with toss of a clueEdit

The key moment in the movie - dispute of Vladimir Sharapov and Gleb Zheglov about the forgery. After a criminal with a nickname Brick (actor - Stanislav Sadalsky) with detention of the act got rid of the evidence (purse) in time, Zheglov threw it to Brick in the pocket, when was leading the detained to the department. After a little time he withdrew the purse in presence of understood.

From an interview with Vladimir Vysotsky, made by Irina Shestakova, correspondent of international service of Moscow radio: "By the way, many people like, that it was meant to be by Zheglov to push in the purse to the thief's pocket so slick, because it's an obvious thief...In the name of my character I claim, that you should do that to them: oppress from beginning to the end, if you are 100% sure, that in front of you there is a criminal".

Later, the toss of the evidence (pistol) is identified by Sharapov, who also proves the innocence of Gruzdev and proves that Fox killed Larisa.


Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky as an operative worker of MCS Zheglov is in Mariupol, Ukraine, near the restaraunt "Rendez-vous".

14th April 2009, to 90 year anniversary of the criminal search, a monument to Zheglov and Sharapov was opened in Kiev on Bogomolets St., 10, near the building of the Interior Minister. On the opening of the monument on GAZ-AA arrived the reefers as NKVD of 1940s, or the time, when the action in "Mercy era" is taking place. 

It's planned to build a monument to Zheglov in city Vinnytsia to the thirty year anniversary of the access to the screens of the movie "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed".

The hero in the artistic cultureEdit

In 1990 a group "Lyube" firstly performed a song by Aleksandr Shaganov "Atas", dedicated to the heroes of "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed".

To the heroes of "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed" is dedicated a song by Mihail Sheleg "Black Cat".

Unrealized ideasEdit

During the life of Vysotsky, there was an idea to write the script of "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed 2", but this idea was scrapped and never realized.

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