Hello, my name is Ilsur. If you don't know Tatarian language, in next two minutes you can learn some new words. Theme of our today lesson is "Goodbye". So, let's begin. Tatars don't like to take a leave of, usually they say to each other "goodbye". Perhaps, it is associated with the mentality of the nation. Classical variety of goodbye is Сау булыгыз! [Sau bulygys] - Stressable u. The word сау is translated as healthy. Verbatim, Сау булыгыз means "Be healthy". So, when Tatarians bid adieau, they wish health to each other. One more variety of goodbye is Хушыгыз. Better don't say Хушыгыз to Tatars, because, generally, everyone takes a leave of forever. Taking a bid adieau with friends, you can say Күрешербез [Kuresherbes] Stressable second e, that means See you! And one more unformal variety of goodbye is Исән-сау! [Isen-sau] (stressable e) That means Bye!

Now, let's repeat our material covered:

Сау булыгыз - Goodbye!

Хушыгыз - Goodbye!

Күрешербез - See you

Исән-сау! - Bye!

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