1. Hello, my name is Ilsur and if you don't know Tatarian language, in 2 minutes you can learn some new words. The theme of our today lesson is "Greetings". So, let's begin. In Tatarian language there are some varieties of greetings. The first and most common variety is Исәнмесез! [Isenmeses] (stressable first e) - Hello! When we meet our friends, we, Tatarian, of course, say Сәлам [Selem]! (stressable last e) - Hi! There's one more variety and it's Саумысыз. You mustn't forget this variety of greeting: Әсселамегаләйкем! [Esselamageleikem] (stressables first e and third e). And, finally, the last variety. It can be used in greeting with a very close friend. Ни хәл?! [Ni hel?] (stressable e, soft l). Means "What's up?!". And now, let's repeat our covered material:

Исәнмесез! - Hello!

Сәлам! - Hi!

Саумысыз! - Hello!

Әсселамегаләйкем! - Hello, hello!

Ни хәл?! - What's up?! 2. Well, hello, it's me Ilsur, and if you don't know Tatarian language, you can learn some new words now. So, in the morning, after drinking a bracing cup of coffee, we, Tatars, say Хәерле иртә! [Haerle irte] (stressables first e in haerle and last e in irte) - Good morning! The time goes to afternoon and we say Хәерле көн [Haerle kon] - Good afternoon. And in evening, when you go to someone, you say Хәерле кич - Good evening! Haerle actually means something good and bright. So, if that, people can say Хәерле төн? In principle, yes, but officially we say good night like this: "Тәмле төшләр". And now, let's repeat our material covered:Хәерле иртә! - Good morning!Хәерле көн! - Good afternoon!Хәерле кич! - Good evening!Хәерле - good, brightТәмле төшләр - Good night 

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