Hello, it's me, Ilsur, and if you don't know Tatarian language, in next two minutes you can learn some new words. Theme of our today lesson is continuance of theme from our last lesson "Acquaintance". So, let's begin. Синең исемең ничек, минем исемем Илсур, ә синең исемең ничек, ә мин Алсу булам..All these phrases we learn in our last lesson. Acquaintance with Alsu continues and you ask her a question, that noone would ask a girl about. But we will ask her. Сиңа ничә яшь? - How old are you? If you hesitate, but really want to know her age, you can say Сезгә ничә яшь? This is the same, but you say it as she was an unknown to you adult. If you didn't get answer from this one, you can ask Син кайдан? - Where are you from? And if she didn't answer this one, you can put out the big guns. Син миңа шундый ошыйсың. - I like you. 

That's all for this lesson. :)

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