Hello, it's me, Ilsur, and if you don't know Tatarian language, in next two minutes you can learn some new words. Today we continiue speaking with Alsou. Theme is Acquaintance. So, let's begin.

Aлсу, син кайдан? We figured out, that Alsou is from Ufa. And you ask her, if it's beautiful in this city. Уфада матурмы? Is it beautiful in Ufa? In Ufa is extremely beautiful, a green city. Alsou proudly answers: Әйе, Уфада бик матур - Yes, it's very beautiful in Ufa. In Ufa, just like in my home Kazan (capital of Tatarstan republic, Russia), there is a huge amount of people of different nations. Алсу, а син татармы? Alsou, are you Tatar? And here Alsou breaks into a wide smile and answers: Әлбәттә, мин татар. - Of course, I'm Tatar. 

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