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Eugene: Hello. Before the beginning of the video I recommend doing this. 

Noob: Hm, playing peepers with my older brother is so cool, isn't it, Vacuum?

Vacuum: Of course it is, dude.

Noob: We have such similar voices, haven't we, Vacuum?

Vacuum: Aha, dude. You noticed it, too?'

Noob: Aha...Damn. I bethought, that you can't blink in Minecraft. What the hell are we doing right now, then?!

Vacuum: I'll over-look you anyway. Give up, dude.

Noob: La-la-la, la-la-la! We're like the Sun and Moon! La-la-la, la-la-la! We're like the Sun and Moon! Hi, Robocop. Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la!

Iron Golem: Kiss my ass!

Noob: Dead bushes! La-la-la! Ha!

Woman: I'm the saddest girl in Minecraft. I'm already 42 years old and I still don't have a boyfriend. I hope this wishing fountain will help me if I'll throw there a couple hundreds of golden nuggets..*cries*. I'm 42 years old and I still can't find a boyfriend for me...Because all...

Noob: Tra-la-la-la! Hello, chicken! Why do you throw garbage? Here, take this dead bush. Ha! Tra-la-la...Oh my God!...

Woman: I'm the most unhappy girl...

Noob: What a beauty! What a lovely babe! Look. 

Woman: I'm a babe?

Noob: Hello, sweetie. 

Woman: Well, hello.

Noob: Yeah, yeah. I speak directly to you.

Woman: Ha, cool.

Noob: You're just a wonder, baby! Come here. Hm, come to daddy. Hello, sweetie.

Woman: What?!

Noob: Hello, piece of dirt. How beautiful are you today! Wanna be my girlfriend? Whoa, cool! I like you so much!

Woman: I'M A FREAK!!!!!! NOBODY LOVES ME!!!!! I'M 42!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!

Eugene on background: And what if a noob fell in love? Leave a like, subscribe and leave your positive comment! 

Noob: Come on, girl, don't put on an act! Become my wife. I'll give you many many dead bushes! And we'll live with you in richness and happiness! Imagine: you, me, bed.

Dirt: Yeah, hm, hm.

Noob: Oh. That's so cool, that you agreed, deary. Let's marry! Ha-ha! That is so cool!

Dirt tries to sing as the music in the background.

A random man: Stop singing! You frazzled me out already!

Noob: Dear, today you look awesome! And your green bridal veel looks like puke. This is great! Ha! I like you so much, my favourite babe. Today we...

Villager: Let's start, OK?

Noob: Sorry, Villager. Let's start.

Villager: And it's right to say "veil", not "veel".

Noob: I agree.

Villager: What do you agree with? I didn't announce yet!

Noob: We agree, dude. 

Villager: Kiss my ass! 

Noob: Oh, my prostitute.

Villager: Two morons. Marries on a piece of dirt. Imbecile.

Noob: Oh, come here. Oh yeah! *kisses*

Villager: Oh God! Oh God!

Noob: Dear, your skin colour reminds me a piece of shit. Ha. But you aren't shit, yeah? That's why we're gonna be naughty today. Hm-hm. I'll plant my dead bush on you. Ha-ha. Dead bush seeds! La-la-la-la-la! Ha-ha! La-la-la! Dead bush! Get...get a diamond. Guys, I planted a dead bush on my wife. Cool, yeah? Chicly! Today was an awesome night, yeah, dear? I hope we're gonna repeat this. Wanna hear a funny joke? We and Vacuum went into a village and meet two green bastards. And we tell them to give us diamonds.

Admin: Hi, dude. I'm an admin of this server. 

Noob: Don't you see? I speak with a girl!

Admin: I don't. I only see a pathetic piece of shit, that ruins the beauty of my server. I'm gonna break it. 

Noob: Ah...

Admin: That's it.

Noob: Dammit...I forgot! I didn't play peepers with Vacuum to the end! How could I forget? He waits me or already home! Oh Jesus! Vacuum, sorry! I'm going, dude, don't worry! Vacuum, sorry. I was a little late. I'll win you today.

Vacuum: Haha, you made a mistake, dude. I'll win today. We'll see. Oh shit! I blinked! OK, dude. You won. We'll play tomorrow. Goodbye! Haha.

Noob: I'll win you anyway, Vacuum. Don't worry.


Если бы НУБ влюбился - Minecraft Machinima04:40

Если бы НУБ влюбился - Minecraft Machinima

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