Flag of ingushetia

Flag of Ingushetia

Ingushetian coat of arms

Coat of arms of Ingushetia

Republic of Ingushе́tia (Ingush language - Гlалгlай Мохк, Гlалгlайче) - a Republic (subject) in Russia, is in North Caucasian Federal District. 

Capital - city Magas.

Borders with North Osetia on West, with Chechnya on East, and on South with Georgia (with border of Mtskheta-Mtianeti).

Founded at 4th June 1992.

Ingushetia is the smallest region of Russia by square (apart from federal cities of Russia - Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Sevastopol).

Geography Edit


Ingushetia on the map of Russia

Ingushetia is located on Northern hills of foothill of Great Caucasian Ridge (in its central part) and on its adjoining small ridges - Tersky, Sunzhensky and Rocky. Extension: from North to South - 144 km, from West to East - 72 km.


Mountains of ingushetia

Mountains of Ingushetia

Mountains of ingushetia2

Mountains of Ingushetia

In northern districts relief is steppe, in southern - mountain, from ridges, divided by valleys and ravines. In northern districts is located a part of Sunzhensk and Alkhantchursk valleys, in central districts - valleys of rivers Sunzha and Assa, southern part of the republic is taken by Caucasian mountains. The highest point - Mount Shani (4500 m). Extension of Caucasian Mountains - 150 km.

Time zoneEdit

Ingushetia is in Moscow Time time zone (UTC +4:00).


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