Jarvis is an island in central part of the Pacific Ocean. Its status is unincorporated unorganized territory (i.e. it's formally not part of United States, but is included to its ownership).

Jarvis island

It's located 2200 km South from Hawaii islands and 375 km South-West from nearest land - Christmas Island, which is owned by Kiribati. It (Jarvis) is related to Line Islands.

It's uninhabited. On the island is located an abandoned villager Millersville. Island is annually visited by personnel of United States Coast Guard. Access to there is only with special permission and mostly for scientists.

Geography Edit

Jarvis island3

Total square - 4,45 Jarvis is a sandy coralline island. Coastline length - 8 km. Maximal height - 7 m. There's no natural water sources. There grow: low shrub, procumbent plants, rare herbage. There nest different species of seabirds.

History Edit

It's discovered by Englishmen in 1821, taken by USA in 1858.

Economics Edit

There's no economic activity. There are some external anchorages for sea craft and two places for landing of big boats.

Jarvis island2

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