Jeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett
Name Jeff Bennett
Sex Male
Birthday October 2, 1962 (age 52)

Jeffrey Glen "Jeff" Bennett  is an American voice actor. He got his acting training on the stage at the Alley Theatre in Houston, before he moved with his family to California in 1990. Bennett has been listed "among the top names in the voice-over field".

His first voice-over role was in James Bond Jr. in which he voiced Horace "I.Q." Boothroyd the Third. Bennett voices various characters on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Dorkus in Planet Sheen, many characters on T.U.F.F. Puppy, Red Tornado on Young Justice, and Kowalski, Chuck Charles and the team's computer in The Penguins Of Madigascar. Bennett was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award but lost to June Foray . In 2012, he was awarded an Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting in a Television Production for his role as Kowalski in The Penguins Of Madigascar.

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