If you are online, Skype has a special icon for it. If you are out somewhere, Skype has a special icon for it.

Online statuses' iconsEdit


When you are online, anyone can call you and send you messages. If someone calls you, you will see it. And when someone messages you, you will hear a sound. This is the icon:


Online status icon


If you are away, people can call you freeli, just like in online, but you just have a specific icon for people to know that you are not here.


Away status icon

Do not disturbEdit

If you have status "do not disturb", people can call and message you freely, but you won't see it, unless you go to their Skype page. If someone's messaging you, you won't hear it.

Do not disturb

Do not disturb status icon

Offline or invisibleEdit

If you are invisible, people will see you as offline (but they can call you) and you can freely message and call anyone. If you have offline status, noone will be able to call and message you, and you won't be able do that, too.

Offline or invisible

Offline and invisible status icon

Call forwardingEdit

If you turn on call forwarding, if anyone will try to call you, the call will be automatically ended. But you need to have Skype credit or call subscription.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding icon


If you blocked someone in Skype, (s)he will see your status as offline and won't be able to call and message you. You can unblock him(her) if you blocked them accidentally.


The icon

Blocked 2

That's the cross, that is drawn in chat, when you blocked someone

Removed from contactsEdit

If someone removed you from contacts or you removed him(her), you will have a specific icon for you to know he removed you or you removed him(her). But, (s)he will be able to call and message you.

Not in contacts

The icon

Group thingsEdit

Group iconEdit

If you have a group in contacts (e.g group "Фигня"), you will have this icon, instead of online and other icons.


The icon

Added someone into the chatEdit

If you or someone added someone in a group call or group chat, you will have an icon and then, for example "John added Peter in this chat".

Added to group

This icon

Removed (kicked) someone from the chatEdit

If you or someone kicked someone (possibly you) from a group, you will have a cross and then, for example "John removed Alex from this chat".

Blocked 2

That's the cross, that is drawn in chat, when you removed someone from chat

Someone left the chatEdit

If you added someone to chat, and then (s)he left, there will be a minus and then, for example "Peter left the chat".


The minus


Edited messageEdit

If you made a typo, or didn't write everything you wanted, you can edit it. You can right click the message with mouse, or you can click on chat, and then press Shift+Up arrow. You erase or add something and then press Enter. In right of the message will be icon, that's how people know, that you edited this message.


That's the icon

Removed messageEdit

If you don't want this message to be in the chat, you can remove it. You right click the message and press "Remove message". In the right part there will be another icon. And instead of message, there will be written with grey letters "This message has been removed".

Removed message

The icon


If you wrote the message, for example in 7:01 p.m. You and other people will see the time you wrote the message in the right part of it. For example:


The example (the icon is in the right)

Other thingsEdit

Shared contact detailsEdit

If you sent someone a request for them to add you as a contact and they will add you, you will have an icon and written text.

Shared contact details

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