1. Abo. Rank: taboo. Meaning: an Australian aborigine, Aboriginal, koori. Mostly used in Australian English.

2. Airhead. Rank: offensive. Meaning: a silly, stupid person. Mostly used in American English.

3. Alky | alkie | alchy. Rank: offensive. Meaning: an alcoholic.

4. Arse | ass. Rank: vulgar. Meaning: 1. backside, bottom, buttock. 2. a stupid person, a stubborn fool.

5. Arse-licking. Rank: taboo. Meaning: saying nice things to someone in order to get something from them. Mostly used in British and Australian English.

6. Arsehole | asshole. Rank: taboo. Meaning: a selfish, unpleasant, obnoxious person. 

7. Ass-kisser. Rank: taboo. Meaning: someone who says nice things to someone in order to get something from them.

8. Balls. Rank: vulgar. Meaning: testicles.

9. Bastard. Rank: offensive. Meaning: an unpleasant, despicable person.

10. Bloody. Rank: offensive. Meaning: an intensifying expletive used before an adjective, adverb or noun; very, really; total, complete.

11. Bugger. Rank: vulgar (1st and 2nd meaning), taboo (3rd meaning). Meaning: 1. a disliked or pitiful person, usually a man. 2. an expletive used to express anger or frustration. 3. to perform anal intercourse. Mostly used in British and Australian English (only meaning 1).

12. Bugger off. Rank: offensive. Meaning: to go away.

13. Bugger up. Rank: offensive. Meaning: to ruin, spoil, mess up.

14. Bull dyke. Rank: offensive. Meaning: a lesbian who is very manly in appearance and behaviour. Mostly used in British and Australian English.

15. Bullshit. Rank: offensive. Meaning: nonsense; something, that's not true.

16. Cock. Rank: vulgar. Meaning: Male sexual organ.

17. Cock-up. Rank: offensive. Meaning: a big mistake, something done badly. Mostly used in British English.

18. Crap. Rank: vulgar (1), offensive (2). Meaning: 1. faeces (n.) | to excrete faeces (v.); 2. something worthless (n.) | worthless (adj.)

19. Crappy. Rank: offensive. Meaning: poor quality, terrible, bad.

20. Cunt. Rank: taboo. Meaning: 1. Female sexual organs. 2. a very unpleasant or stupid person.


These are WAY not all taboo, vulgar and offensive slangs. There's too many. I decided to stop on 20. Because, seriously. There's at least 4 on each letter of the alphabet. And many of them are racist, or mention sexual organs. I don't know why I decided to write this, but, here it is. Voila! 

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