Male-entrada de la mesquita de coral blanc

Friday Mosque from inside

Malé Friday Mosque (Maldivian - މާލެ ހުކުރު މިސްކިތް) - an antique Friday Mosque, located in the centre of city Malé (Kaafu Atoll, Maldives). The mosque was built in 1658 in order of sultan of Maldives Iskanadar I less than for 2 years. The main material used was coral stone. The mosque is surrounded by a cemetery of XVII century, whose coral gravestones are carved intricately and unique. Object also includes coral minaret.

The mosque has a perimeter of 199 ft (a little bit more than 60 m). The main building, still used for everyday prayers, is divised onto 3 parts:

  • Mihrab: The part of the mosque, where imam announces the prayer.
  • Medhu Misqiu: The middle part of the mosque.
  • Fahu Misqiu: The entrance to the mosque.

​Mosque contains some elements of elements of traditional Maldivian arts, for example stone carving and lacquer painting on panels and ceiling.

In 2008 Friday mosque became a candidate to the list of World Heritage Site of UNESCO.


Lacquer patterns in the mosque (not all)Edit

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