McJob [noun] was first introduced by Oxford in 1986.


Oxford described it as an unstimulating, poorly paid job that has little prospect for advancement. McDonalds even appealed for this to be removed, because this obviously effected their line of employment. Even after this, the term was added to the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary in 2003.

The dictionary refused to remove this, offering a "smack in the face" as it were to the employees stating the following: "We stand by the accuracy and appropriateness of [their] definition". Ouch. McDonalds has made various other attempts to remove this definition, but all requests have been declined and it is still in the dictionary to this day.

It is said McDonalds wanted it to be changed to: "reflect a job that is stimulating, rewarding ... and offers skills that last a lifetime", quite the opposite of what the definition is now, and should I say quite the opposite of what it is in real life.

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