Created by Seizefire Edit

These are the metric units that are usually used for measurement, capacity, and more.

Made in March 18, 2016 A.D.

Information for measurement Edit

Value Name Acronym
0.001 Milimeter mm
0.01 Centimeter cm
0.1 Decimeter dm
1 Meter m
10 Dekameter dm
100 Hectometer hm
1000 Kilometer km

Information for liquid measurement Edit

Value Name Acronym
0.001 Mililiter mL
0.01 Centiliter cL
0.1 Deciliter dL
1 Liter L
10 Dekaliter dL
100 Hectoliter hL
1000 Kiloliter kL

Information for capacity Edit

Value Name Acronym
0.001 Miligram mg
0.01 Centigram cg
0.1 Decigram dg
1 Gram g
10 Dekagram dg
100 Hectogram hg
1000 Kilogram kg

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