Moro Rock is a rock of a 'granite dome' type in the center of Sequoia National Park, Tulare County, California State, USA. The first European American to conquer Moro became a miner Hale Tharp with his stepsons George and John Swansons in 1861.

The steps Edit

Moro Rock, steps, 2008

The first steps, which lead to the top of Moro Rock were build in 1917, but already in the end of 1920s had deteriorated. The new, and a lot more solid steps were built by CCC (Civilian Conversation Corps) in 1931 and it's used now. Its length is 243 m (400 stairs), it maximally uses natural expansions, ledges and gaps. Its design was worked by a landscaper Merel S. Sager. From the top of the rock a great view on the western part of the national park, especially on the Great Western Divide is opened. The hike is free, but it's prohibited during storms and snowfalls, also visitors with bikes and dogs are not allowed.

View on the rock Edit

Moro, view from Potwisha, 2011

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