Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius (22nd November 1986, Johannesburg, South Africa) - a runner over short distances from South Africa with amputation of both legs below knees. Sixfold champion of Paralympic Games. A silver medalist of 2011 World Championships in Athletics in relay 4x400 meters. A member of Olympic Games in London. Twofold silver medalist of 2012 African Championships in Athletics. 

His artificial legsEdit

For running the sportsman uses artificial legs, made out of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. They were made by special request by Icelandic company "Össur", named after the inventor of artificial limbs, Össur Kristinsson, who also was an amputee. The running prothesises are called Cheetah Flex-Foot and costs more than 30 000 dollars. Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer is a very strong and also a light material.

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