150px-Serz Sargsyan

The rank is held by Serzh Sargsyan since 9th April 2008

President of republic Armenia is the head of the country, guarantor of independence, territorial integrity and safety of Republic of Armenia, watches for pursuance of the Constitution.

Presidents of ArmeniaEdit

President Beginning of authorities End of authorities
1 Levon Ter-Petrosyan 16th October 1991 3rd February 1998
2 Robert Kocharyan

9 April 1998

9th April 2008
3 Serzh Sargsyan 9th April 2008

Current president

Contact men of the president:

Ruben Shugaryan (1992-1993)

Aram Abramyan (1993-1995)

Levon Zourabian (1995-1998)

Kasya Abgaryan (1998-1999)

Vage Gabrielyan (1993-2003)

Ashot Kochyaryan (2003-2005)

Viktor Sogomonyan (2005-2008)

Samvel Farmanyan (2008-2010)

Armen Arzoumanian (2010-2013)

Arman Sagatelian (since 2013)

Security Council Secretaries:

Gerard Libaridian (1994-1997)

Alexan Arutyunyan (1998-1999)

Serzh Sargsyan (1999-2007)

Armen Gevorgyan (2007-2008)

Artur Baghdasaryan (2008-2014)

Interesting factsEdit

None of the presidents of Armenia was born in Armenia.


President of Republic of Armenia (on Armenian language)

List of leaders of Armenia (on Russian language)

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