Ramallah panorama

Ramallah (Arabian - رام الله, Hebrew - רמאללה‎) - is a city in Palestine country (or the state of Palestine) in the central part of the West Bank. It's located 13 km to the North from Jerusalem. 

From 1993 is an administrative capital of Palestinian National Authority (PNA), which was created as a result of Oslo I Accord and self-renamed in 2013 to country with limited recognition Palestine.

The population is 27 460 people (for 2007). About a half of the population are Christian-Arabs, and the other half is Muslim-Arabs. 



A Christian family in Ramallah (1905)

During the Biblical Judges on this place was located a hamlet Rama, which was the spiritual centre of Israel, here was settled a residence of a judge Samuel. The modern city was based in the middle of XVI century.

• In 1948, during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War Ramallah was occupated by Oultrejordain.

• In 1967 after the Six Day War, Ramallah was occupated by Israeli army.

• In 1993 within the framework of Oslo I Accord Ramallah was given to the Palestine.

• In May 2002, after the end of operation "Defensive Shield", Israeli army was withdrawn out of Ramallah.

• In 2004 in Ramallah, where his residence was settled for a long time, was buried Yasser Arafat.

• In 2005 the mayor of Ramallah became a politically neutral Christian woman.


Official site of Ramallah

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