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RupertSapwell is a a channel on YouTube. He has 27 subscribers and 4 053 views. He uploaded 47 videos, including Lions v West April 5 2013. Most of them are about sports. Only a few of them are not about sports. The channel can be found here

List of videosEdit

  1. Sap's ALS Challenge
  2. SA Metro v NT, July 2014
  3. Brodie to Biar
  4. SA Metro U16 Boys singlet presentation, 2014
  5. GM082 SA Country v ACT
  6. GM051 SA Country v QLD North
  7. GM067 NZ v SA Country
  8. GM023 SA Country v Vic Metro
  9. Cyndi's Skydive
  10. Koen's Skydive
  11. Demi Skinner 2013 ABL v West hi res
  12. Demi Skinner 2013 ABL debut v South Hi res
  13. Demi Skinner 2013 ABL v West
  14. Demi Skinner 2013 ABL debut v South
  15. Centrals 16B1 v Southern, Feb 21, 2014
  16. 16B1 v West, Oct 18, 2013.

OK, I'm tired. Not gonna write them all.

Other channel infoEdit

The channel has no liked videos. And no playlists. He's subscribed on Grantland and 36ersTV. RuperSapwell has no discussion comments on his channel. His account on YouTube was created 27th April 2007. The newest video (Sap's ALS Challenge) was uploaded 23rd August 2014 and the oldest (VID00023) was uploaded 31st August 2011.

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