• А (а) - pronounced as in a word club
  • Б (б) - pronounced as b.
  • В (в) - pronounced as v.
  • Г (г) - pronounced as in girl.
  • Д (д) - pronounced as in Dublin
  • Е (е) - pronounced as ye in yeah
  • Ё (ё) - pronounced as yo in York
  • Ж (ж) - pronounced as zh in Gleb Zheglov
  • З (з) - pronounced as in Zeppelin
  • И (и) - pronounced as in bitten or ee in feet
  • Й (й) - pronounced as in York
  • К (к) - pronounced as k.
  • Л (л) - pronounced as l
  • М (м) - pronounced as m
  • Н (н) - pronounced as n
  • О (о) - pronounced as o
  • П (п) - pronounced as p
  • Р (р) - pronounced as r
  • С (с) - pronounced as s
  • Т (т) - pronounced as t
  • У (у) - pronounced as in do
  • Ф (ф) - pronounced as f
  • Х (х) - pronounced as in hornet.
  • Ц (ц) - pronounced as German z.
  • Ч (ч) - pronounced as ch
  • Ш (ш) - pronounced as sh
  • Щ (щ) - pronounced as soft sh
  • Ъ (ъ) - not pronounced, there's a big letter ъ only on the keyboard
  • Ы (ы) - pronounced as solid in sing.
  • Ь (ь) - not pronounced, there's a big letter ь only on the keyboard
  • Э (э) - pronounced as in rap
  • Ю (ю) - pronounced as word you
  • Я (я) - pronounced as ya or German ja, that means yes.

Sample text in RussianEdit

Привет, меня зовут Всеслав. А тебя как зовут? Мне одиннадцать лет, а тебе? Рад познакомиться. До встречи.

Pronounciation: Privet, minya zavut Vseslav. A tebya kak zavut? Mne odinnadtsat' let, a tebe? Rad poznakomitsya. Do vstrechi.

Translation: Hello, my name is Vseslav. And what's your name? I'm eleven years old, and you? Nice to meet you. See you.

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