Spy School is a book by Stuart Gibbs.

Plot Edit

Is it possible for an undercover nerd to be a really famous agent? That's what Benjamin Ripley wants, and it might save his life!

Benjamin Ripley might only be in middle school,but he has gotten his dream: work for the C.I.A. Sadly, his personality isn't exactly that of a secret agent. He's so awkward, he can't get to school and come back without something bad happening. Because he is a nerd, he isn't surprised when he is chosen for a science academy, but then he finds out that is just a cover for a C.I.A. academy. Could they want him?

No. There's been some mistaken identity-but Benjamin still tries to turn into a cool agent, the kind that girls like. Through a lot of funny adventures, he might do it, if he can survive the assassination attempts

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