Steppe (northern, Nogai) dialect (from Crimean Tatar çöl şivesi, noğay şivesi, чёль шивеси, ногъай шивеси) - is a dialect of Crimean Tatar language, which is common among Crimean Tatars, who lived before Deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944 in steppe (North) part of Crimea. It's in Kipchak group of Turkic languages. Steppe dialect of Crimean Tatars is traditionally referred to Nogai-Kipchak languages (unlike the Kipchak middle and the Oghuz southern dialect). At the same time in the steppe dialect are some changes, that are characteristic for Nogai languages ш > с, ч > ш. Ш, с and ч are read like /sh/, /s/ and /ch/


In steppe dialect are exceled three dialects: Tarhankutsk-Eupatorian (western), Perekopsk-Jankoy (northern) and Kerch (eastern). The differences between them are minor and are reduced mainly to lexis. A characteristic feature of Kerch dialect is the pronunciation of ç/ч/چ like [ɕ] (a sound, close to soft /sh/, anologous to ч in language of Kazan Tatars. In Kerch and Perekopsk-Jankoy dialects also is a strong deabilisation of vowels u, ü (i.e. turning them to i, ı).

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