For making the loading go faster, Tanki Online keeps the resources in the cache of the browser. Many problems, had by user, are connected with incorrectly cached or outdated resources. To solve these problems, you need to clear the cache for the game to load the newest versions of the maps, models and textures. Moreover, for the loading to go faster cache must have enough size to accommodate all the resources.

Important: after clearing the cache, refresh the page with the game, if it's open. 

Google ChromeEdit

  1. In the browser Google Chrome press Ctrl+Shift+Del.
  2. Make sure, that there's a tick near "Clear cache"
  3. Press button "Clear history"

Mozilla FirefoxEdit

  1. In the Firefox browser press Ctrl+Shift+Del.
  2. In the pop-up submenu choose the button "All" (recommended)
  3. Make sure, that the tick is only near "Cache"
  4. Press the button "Clear now"


  1. In the browser Opera press Menu --> Settings.
  2. Choose "Delete personal data".
  3. Open submenu "Detailed setting".
  4. Make sure, that the tick is only near "Clear cache".
  5. Press button "Delete".

Internet ExplorerEdit

  1. In the browser Internet Explorer press Ctrl+Shift+Del.
  2. Make sure, that the tick is only near "Temporary files of the Internet"
  3. Press button "Delete".

StandAlone FlashPlayerEdit

StandAlone FlashPlayer uses cache of browser Internet Explorer for the resources of the game.

Yandex BrowserEdit

The same thing as with Google Chrome.

Avant BrowserEdit

  1. In the browser Avant press Ctrl+Shift+Del.
  2. Make sure, that the tick is only near "Temporary files of the Internet"
  3. Press button "Clear selected".


  1. In the browser press Ctrl+Alt+E.
  2. Press button "Clear".

Clearing cache and cookies with CCleanerEdit

Also for clearing the cache you can use special programmes. The most simple and common from them is CCleaner. Reception of cache clearing is only one of its functions of this useful utility. You can download it for free on the official website

After the installing choose "Clearing" and go to "Apps". Then, find your browser and make ticks the necessary things (in this case that's "Internet cache"). Press button "Clearing" and agree with the operation.

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