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Tehran coat of arms

Tehran (Persian - تهران) is the capital and the largest city of Iran, also is one of the largest cities in Asia. The administrative city of Tehran province, political, economical, transport, financial and cultural centre of the country

Tehran is located on the north of Iran near the foot of Alborz ridge, in 90 km to the South of Caspian Sea. The city is stretched on 40-50 km from West to South along a hillside. The North districts of Tehran (Shemiran) are located to 2000 m above the sea level and the South suburbs (Rey, Sultanabad) closely go to the territory of a rocky desert Dasht-e Kavir. 

The population of Tehran with suburbs (Greater Tehran) exceed 13 million. Tehran has a difference in national and confessional composition. The basic of population of the city are Persians, Azerbaijani and Mazanderani. The main religion is Islam. Moreover, in Tehran live big national and religional minorities - Armenian, Assyrian, Kurds, Jews, Bahá'í (religion), Zoroastrianism people (religion).

Tehran City Montage - 2014 May

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