Turqoise parrot (Latin - Neophema pulchella) is a bird from Psittacidae family. 
Turquoise parrot


Body length is 22 cm, tail length is 11 cm. Coloring of the males is bright. Upper part of the torso is dark green colored and the lower part is egg-yellow. Head and wings are azure-blue colored, and shoulder feathers - brick-red. The wings have a red strip, central tail feathers and fly feathers are colored in dark blue. The legs are pink. Beak is dark grey. The females have more modest coloring. The most of her coloring is dark green. Lower part of torso is colored in dirty smaragdine. Only front part of the head around the beak and the 'eybrow' is azure, but not as bright as the males have. 


Turquoise parrots live in Southern Australia, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. 

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