U-364 - an average German submarine of VIIC type, was issued during World War II.


Order to build the submarine was given 20th January 1941. It was laid 12th February 1942 on the shipyard "Flensburger Schiffsbau", Flensburg, with building number 483, was launched 21st January 1943. It entered into operation 3rd May 1943 under the command chief lieutenant Paul-Henry Sass.


3rd May 1943 - 29th January 1944 chief lieutenant zur See Paul-Henry Sass.


3rd May 1943 - 31st December 1943 - 5th flotilla (training)

1st November 1943 - 29th January 1944 - 7th flotilla


U-364 History of the ship
Flag state Third Reich
Homeport Kiel, Marviken
Launching 21st January 1943
Removed from the fleet January, 1944
Modern status mia.
Basic characteristics U-364
Type of the ship Average DES (Diesel-Electirc Submarine)
Designation of the project VIIC
Speed (overwater) 17,7 knots
Speed (underwater) 7,6 knots
Working depth 250 m
Maximum depth 295 m
Autonomy of swimming 15 170 km, 150 km underwater

44-52 people

Underwater displacement 871 t
Overwater displacement 769 t
The most length (waterline) 67,1 m
The most width of the body 6,2 m
Average draft 4,74 m
Power plant


2 forced, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesels "Germaniawerft M6V 40/46" with total power 2 800-3 200 liters per sec. with 470-490 rev/min

2 electric engines with total power 750 liters per sec. with 296 rev/min.

2 propeller shafts

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