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Translation (no rhyme) Edit


Andrey Shevchenko: My name is Andrey Shevchenko, I'm hero of the nation. You were a slave, plowed on the plantation like a nigga. We're all interested here, Taras, please, tell us, what you did with sheep you grazed?

Taras Shevchenko: You bought yourself Ferrari, but you drive a PAZ. We know that you and guys disfigure on the base. I grazed some sheep, while you kiss ass to pigs. I'm nation father, I'm "special one", like Mourinho!

Andrey Shevchenko: I was sold to "Milan" for many, many millions. And you were either vampire, or a ghoul. You were exiled to Kazakhstan for six years. So, you dog, just shut your mouth and don't you bark!

Taras: What?! You were called to a party and you just ran away! I think it would be better if you were sold to the Chinese. If you think, that you Golden Ball is cool, you should know, that Hryhorovych has steel balls!

Andrey: And you are old and interesting for noone. All kids in school hate your "Kobzar". Your moustache are already eaten by mold. I'm best Shevchenko ever, very nice, Tsar!

Taras: You are the same sportsman as a bullet from shit. All remember that not scored penalty to "Liverpool". I'm Pan Taras!

Andrey: Shevchenko here!

Some thing you may not know Edit

1. PAZ - a Russian bus making factory.

2. "Milan" - an Italian football club

3. Golden Ball - a football award

4. Hryhorovich - is patronymic of Taras Shevchenko. His full name is Taras Hryhorovich Shevchenko. So, that means, that his father was Hryhory Shevchenko. All Eastern Slavs (Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusans) add patronymics to their names. Patronymic is name of the father with -vich (for men) and -vna, -ovna (for women).

5. "Kobzar" - a book of poetical works of Taras Shevchenko.

6. "Liverpool" is a British football club.

7. Pan - same as American "Mr. (Mister)", but Ukrainians have "Pan" instead of "Mister".

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