Hi, everyone. It's me, Ben Schmidt (my real name is Vseslav Levchenko). And today is the beginning of new schoolyear! I'm going to 6th grade. Today is Monday, but I haven't got any lessons, because it's 1st September. In my school I've got modular system. That's like that: 1st lesson - "speech development". First 30 minutes we have a lesson, then 5 minutes break. Then, again 30 minutes lesson. Then, again 5 minutes break. Then, again 30 minutes, and THEN..then, I have 20 or 15 minutes break and then another lesson. After next lesson (German) I'm going home! That's only on Tuesdays on week A. So, hope, you understood. 


This is my school from the outside.

My school was built in 1973.

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