I'm working with WolframAlpha. You can go on it with this link. Today I'm comparing countries: Spain, Laos, Moldova and Mozambique.


full name full native name
Spain Kingdom of Spain  Reino de España
Laos Lao People's Democratic Republic Sathalanalat Paxathipatai Paxaxôn Lao
Moldova Republic of Moldova Republica Moldova
Mozambique Republic of Mozambique República de Moçambique

Geographic propertiesEdit

total area




1.575*10000000 sq. km

799380 sq. km (world rank - 35th) (Mozambique)

33851 sq. km (world rank - 140th) (Moldova)

land area




1549 million sq. km

786380 sq. km (world rank - 35th) (Mozambique)

32891 sq. km (world rank - 138th) (Moldova)

continent all

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population population density population growth
Spain 47.3 million people (2014) 94.8 people/sq. km (2010) 0.579%/yr (2013)
Laos 6.54 million people (2014) 28.4 people/sq. km (2010) 1.33%/yr (2013)
Moldova 3.47 million people (2014) 106 people/sq. km (2010) -0.671%/yr (2013)
Mozambique 25.6 million people (2014) 32.5 people/sq. km (2010) 2.26%/yr (2013)
life expectancy median age
Spain 82.1 yr (2013) 41.1 yr (2009)
Laos 68.3 yr (2013) 19.3 yr (2009)
Moldova 68.9 yr (2013) 34.6 yr (2009)
Mozambique 50.3 yr (2013) 17.4 yr (2009)

Capital citiesEdit

Spain Madrid
Laos Vientiane
Moldova Chisinau
Mozambique Maputo

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